Putative target sites
1. According to different regulatory mechanisms of SE-lncRNAs, users can select cis-acting or trans-acting SE-lncRNAs.
2. Users can input their interested SE-lncRNAs in the input box to search our database.
3. To identify cancer-related SE-lncRNAs, users can select significantly differentially expressed SE-lnRNAs (DF SE-lncRNAs), SE-lncRNAs with superior prognostic values (PV SE-lncRNAs), or both of them (DF&PV SE-lncRNAs). All SE-lncRNAs mean all of SE-lncRNAs in our database. For instance, users can choose the filtering option, such as DF&PV option to retain significantly differentially expressed SE-lncRNAs with highly prognostic value and then input SE-lncRNAs name in the search box, such as TMPO-AS1-201 to find cancer-related SE-lncRNAs.

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