1. Data sources and tools.
Super enhancer regionsdbSUPERhttp://asntech.org/dbsuper/
LncRNA informationGENCODEhttp://www.gencodegenes.org/
LncRNA expression profiles and prognostic information of multiple cancer typesTANRIChttp://ibl.mdanderson.org/tanric/_design/basic/index.html
Disease-associated lncRNALncRNADiseasehttp://www.cuilab.cn/lncrnadisease
Cancer-related lncRNALnc2Cancerhttp://www.bio-bigdata.com/lnc2cancer
Subcellular locations of lncRNAs predictionlncLocatorwww.csbio.sjtu.edu.cn/bioinf/lncLocator
SE-lncRNA and super enhancers interaction predictiontriplexatorhttp://bioinformatics.org.au/tools/triplexator/
2. Useful database
Moreover, we have developed a database and we hope you enjoy them.
1. mtiBase MtiBase: a database for decoding microRNA target sites located within CDS and 5'UTR regions from CLIP-Seq and expression profile datasets. (Guo et al. Database. 2015;bav102).

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